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7 Ideas To Keep A Warehouse Clean

7 Ideas To Keep A Warehouse Clean

Inspections, new clients coming through, and liability concerns are just some of the many reasons why you need to make sure your warehouse is in tip-top shape as often as possible. Regular cleaning is obviously a must if you want to achieve this, but over the years warehouse managers have come up with their own inventive tips and tricks for keeping their building as clean as possible.

We've compiled their wisdom here for you in hopes that you'll be able to learn a thing or two, so here are 7 ideas you can use to keep a warehouse clean.

Assign Employees Areas to Keep Clean

If you just put a broom in every other person's hand and tell your team to clean up a bit, it's likely that you aren't going to get the best results. Your employees are not professional janitors and they won't instinctively know how to best clean up a warehouse.

One way to personalize the cleaning experience and introduce some much-needed accountability into the situation is to assign each employee an area they are responsible for keeping clean.

Keep an Updated Cleaning Schedule

By having an updated cleaning schedule, you can provide your employees with some structure rather than springing a cleaning session on them out of nowhere. This can help prepare them ahead of time and more importantly, it allows you to keep track of how often your building is being cleaned rather than just performing an eye test every so often.

Mitigate Slips and Spills

Industrial paving of the permeable variety will do a lot to keep your parking lots clean and tidy, but the inside of your building is a different story. If you want to mitigate slips and spills as best you can, consider installing some traffic-rated drains on your floors.

Drains like these are much safer and far more sanitary than giant trench drains. They are easier to clean and trap way fewer germs than your typical trench drains, while still holding up under the rigors of warehouse operations.

Use the Right Equipment

Just mopping and sweeping usually isn't enough to keep a warehouse building clean. You need dusters, HEPA industrial vacuums, and other specialized equipment if you want to get the job done right.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

Cleaning is best left to the pros. Your employees are under enough pressure to perform their assigned tasks without having to worry about cleaning up the place as well. You can help foster a more professional environment by taking the brooms out of their hands and leaving the dirty work up to professionals who do it for a living.

Require Clean-As-You-Go Policies

If you aren't able to secure the services of a professional team, try implementing clean-as-you-go policies. Forcing your employees to clean up their messes periodically throughout the day as they progress through their duties will keep you from having to do bigger clean-up sessions that eat up valuable time.

Regularly Turn Inventory

Your inventory is sitting there on the shelves right now collecting dust. One way to prevent it from building up is to regularly turn your inventory so you don't get that thick layer of dust bunnies on top.

Warehouse Cleanliness Will Improve Your Productivity

Working in a clean environment will help your employees be much more productive. It will also prevent health hazards and keep you in the clear should somebody get injured or sick on the job. By using these tips to keep your warehouse clean, you can make good impressions, improve safety, and bolster your company's bottom line.

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the home building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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